After watching these two series on Netflix, Cooked and Chef’s Table, on top of pre-exisitng fantasies about cooking from films like Eat, Drink, Man, Woman by Ang Lee, a new fire grew within me to try out cooking instead of eating out for a change.

Even though I stay in a flat with five other guys, chances are they would eat out, so mass cooking meals is seldom an option (we do enjoy a good steamboat, though). That brings me to the existence of this blog, how do you cook for one? Is this even worth the trouble or cost-saving in Singapore when you can pretty much get a decent packet of mixed rice for $3-$3.50?

I am embarking on this journey to try the theory. Hopefully, if you are also challenging yourself to cook more, this blog could give you some tips and inspirations to cook amidst the hustle and bustle of Singapore life!